Version: 0.10 || Release Date: 2009-10-07 || License: Freeware App Owner: arne

iTerm is a full featured terminal emulation program written for OS X using Cocoa. We are aiming at providing users with best command line experience under OS X. The letter i represents a native Apple look and feel of the program interface, and an emphasis on complete international support.

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I've read quite a few reports that iTerm is slow, but I've been using it since pre-0.5 days, and it has never been slow for me (running on a 800MHz TiBook and on a 2.3 G5). The user interface isn't anything to write home about, but the tabs make it stand out.

I guess you need a new mac, kballard :)

I use iTerm for the tabs support mainly

This application is so incredibly slow I can't imagine how anybody uses it. And it's not just me that thinks this. It feels like typing over an telnet connection with a 14.4k modem

Unicode support is better in but iTerm has tabs and better support for colours (in xterm-color mode) so I need to switch from time to time between the two...

it does still crash for me on occasion. Specifically when performing cut & paste actions. Some of the text selection actions are a bit funkified, but overall agreed. This app is sweet.

This is my favorite terminal app ever, it's fast, has tabs and unicode support. It used to crash sometimes in previous versions, but hasn't done that for me in the last year.

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