iTunes Artwork

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2006-11-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Sophiestication Software | App Owner: sophia

iTunes Artwork is a CD jewel case which resides on your Mac OS X Dashboard. It’s main purpose is to display the album artwork of your currently playing song. Besides this you can also skip/rewind, play/pause and rate songs. Optionally iTunes Artwork grabs album covers from your local Amazon online store.

iTunes Artwork is no longer under active development. It has been replaced by the application CoverSutra.

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Also shows a bezel when you mouse-over
with current track information and transport controls
and a rating bar.

Very nice. :)

I'm sorry but Album Art Widget is by far a better app than both this one and gimmesometune.

Album Art Widget ( is much more elegant than either of those and aalso is far more tweakable with more functionality too.


Not as nice looking or useful as this:

Album Art Widget is physically smaller and takes up less space on your dashboard whilst giving the same information (itunesartwork cannot be resized and is too big imo)
Whereas this gets artwok from amazon, Album Art Widget gets it from amazon inc amzon uk/france/jap etc etc, google, and yesasia. It is MUCH better at finding correct artwork for your more obscure artists (more sites to plunder)
It's skinnable.
You can rate songs (3 skinnable styles)
refresh artwork
Add artwork to lone songs or the complete album.
Can display album tracks belonging to the same album cover...

...i could go on.... :)

Overall a better app than this then, and it's also free :)

This is a terrific replacement for Sofa,
the very nice app by the late Cedric Menard,
a great French Mac programmer
who headed the Sofa project.
The website has been converted into a free hosting site,
( in his memory, I think....? )

Use this in conjunction with the Amnesty widget liberator: it is great!