Version: 1.7.7 || Release Date: 2008-01-03 || License: Shareware ($15) App Owner: cheepnisaroma

iTunify lets you find duplicate tracks
Find & Replace in ID3 tags with support for
Regular Expressions
Change the case of ID3 tags (upper, lower, word, sentence)
Exchange ID3 tags
Number ID3 tags sequentually
Run add/subtract operations in ID3 tags
Import & Export artwork with advanced options
Import & Export ID3 tags with advanced options
Toggle bookmarkability of AAC tracks
Remove dead tracks from library
Remove checked tracks from library
Remove unchecked tracks from library
Invert Check Marks, and all without leaving iTunes

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2 Opinions

Nice set. Sure, it is possible to get all those at, but a "one-stop" solution is always welcome. Would be perfect if it included a few for lyrics-management.

similar to iTunes Dupes Barrier....but that's free