Version: 1.4.6 || Release Date: 2008-08-07 || License: Freeware App Owner: francisperea

iWeb enhancer allowing to incorporate google analytics code and a lot of more functions

iTweak is the ultimate companion for iWeb which allows you to add nearly all the missing things. To make this short and effective, here is a list of the main features:

iTweak can back up both iWeb 06 and iWeb 08 sites in a snap
It can add a Favicon via a simple drag and drop method
You can integrate a Google Search bar into and for your site
You can add Google Analytics, Statcounter and any other hitcounter in the world
Easily embed the Haloscan Commenting system
Add a powerful PHP contact form
Search & Replace the HTML that iWeb publishes
iTweak can password-protect your site

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