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Version: 0.1 || Release Date: 2006-08-22 || License: Freeware App Owner: marcus

This utility allows you to easily extract icons from apps and other files, and stores them on your Desktop in a format suitable for usage on iusethis.com. Icon design by the terrific Rob Mientjes.

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Since using .png files I'd made myself didn't work, I thought maybe using this app might. But nope. The icon uploader still rejects whatever I give it.

@kobe888 drop the app or widget, then click 'write file'

How do you use this? I clicked write file, and nothing happened


you should find a folder on your desktop called 'iusethis exported icons' after clicking the WriteFile button.

I can't even figure out how to use this. Once you click on Write File, then what?

Actually, we've made a windows based icon extractor for our yet to be released windows version of iusethis. You can get it here

A quick way for lazy people to add to the IUT community - excellent tool! I would rather it didn't always write to the desktop though - hope to see an update that lets the user specify the location of the extracted icons folder.

Oh, and this program could check to see whether any installed apps had updates available, and provide direct download links for them

It would be cool to add app-scanning to this. I.E. Run the program, it scans your Applications directory and generates a list of installed applications. You can uncheck ones you don't use, and then it will upload the list to iusethis.com as your 'applications i use' list. If an app isn't already on iusethis.com, the program would get the icon from the app bundle, and gives you get the option to add the app to iusethis.

Yeah, I know, but I got really bored after doing that 100 times. We also want expand this one with functionality such as being able to extract app icons directly from archives and support for saving directly to iusethis.

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