Version: 3.0.2 || Release Date: 2010-09-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($79) App Owner: karamel

Use iWeb to create websites and blogs — complete with podcasts, photos, and movies — and get them online, fast. Just drag, drop, and design using your choice of web templates, then publish live to your .Mac account.

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As a webdesigner I must say it creates horrible code, RapidWeaver is a better alternative for people with no coding skills

I have used this app to set up a blogg. Using "previous" and "next" do not bring out the posts in chronological order. Changes in the text in a post (like colour etc) is not updated on the main side of the blogg. Could be me but it could also be the app.

Basically ideal for creating a website with lots of media files if don't want to be bothered with code. ANything more ambitious means code, which iWeb can't handle at present. Then RapidWeaver can be a good solution. Or setting up a proper WordPress blog... I use all three in combination.

Very nice app. Easy to use and with very nice results. You can make a beautiful website in 5 minutes. Needs more templates/themes to be a killer app. Can't wait for 2.0 !

Yuk. Could be the worst Apple application ever, horrible, horrible, horrible.

If you're looking for a little more power, you should check out RapidWeaver:

I've created two Web sites with iWeb, and it's pretty constraining. Check out the Apple discussion forums before you buy.