iWork '09

Version: '09 || Release Date: 2009-01-17 || License: Commercial with demo (79 €) App Owner: mavlias

Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations. The Mac way.

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5 Opinions

I am not such a fan of this product. I bought this before I purchased MS 2008, however, I have several forms that have formatting which isn't recognized by this program....

This is so much better than Microsoft Office. If you have a Mac, you have no excuse to be using Office over this. It can do EVERYTHING Office can do, plus more. In a beautiful interface with beautiful themes :)

Still no complex fonts support.

It's not much of a big difference from 08 but if your still using Office 2008, I recommend switching to iWork.

2 days ago I lost an hour of write-up when Word 2008 crashed! This has now turned out to be a very good competitor to MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I have finally ditched Office 2008 as I needed Endnote support for my scientific writing.