Version: 6.1.1 || Release Date: 2014-03-04 || License: Shareware (£20) Developer: JThink Ltd | App Owner: paultaylor

Automatic music tagging

Jaikoz is a powerful audiotagger that supports Mp3, Mp4, OggVorbis and Flac files.
It automatically updates files using acoustic fingerprint matching and metadata lookups (using MusicBrainz and MusicIP database). Over thirty fields can be updated automatically including artwork and lyrics. Changes to your files are reflected in iTunes. Jaikoz also provides powerful manual editing controls

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I love Jaikoz, people complain about the GUI, I think it's fine. How polished does it need to be? It's easy enough to use, does a great job and the developer is constantly updating it and doesn't charge a yearly or upgrade fee for new features/versions.

Honestly, I don't pay for a lot of extra software on my Mac, but Jaikoz was one I felt was well worth it.

I think it is awesome. They keep updating Jaikoz all the time and the serial number keeps working. I have fixed my entire itunes library.... it added all the artwork and fixed lyrics. It fixed tiles, track numbers, album name, years and it even resorts your music through actions menu if you want to clean it up and have it all sit in the correct albums. Otherwise... Just click Auto Correct and it does most of it automatically.... It could be a bit faster... but then again I corrected 16gb of music the first time.

I'd like to say this app, though always useful, started out rough around the edges. However, each new release creates a cleaner and more appealing UI and functionality.

I gladly support this independent developer and heartily recommend anyone looking for a music tagger to try this little app out. It's much more then just a tagger, it's like MetaX for your music!

enjourni:Jaikoz does consider the #Tracks when matching. You are right it doesn't automatically fill this field, this is because originally only supported Mp3 format and with Mp3 the Track#/#Tracks are stored in a single field. This will be fixed very soon.

Seems pretty good. Lots and lots of features/options (maybe even too many... how about a "simple" mode?) Doesn't seem to consider or populate the "# Tracks" field. You have to enter it manually, for example "2/12" for the 2nd track of a 12 track album. Then iTunes will recognize it.

Thanks for the info, paultaylor. I didn't want to drop $30 on it if Jaikoz was going to be missing a backend a year from now, but I'm otherwise quite happy to go out and buy it now. I used to use picard, etc and am pleased to see there is still a great OSX utility for this.

In response to scf Musicbrainz is not going comercial, but it has always provided the data to commercial companies for a price (e.g last.fm, bbc). Jaikoz has a very close relationship with the people behind Musicbrainz and10% of every sale go to Musicbrainzinz so dont worry there is no impact on Jaikoz

Does this still use the musicbrainz database? I heard that is going commercial. How will that switch impact users of Jaikoz? Or will it?

Yes, it may not be the best aqua interface around, but it's definitely the best tagger and media manager around. The developer, Paul, is very helpful and is not asking much with those 15 pounds. Recommended app.

While the GUI is admittedly not at all Mac'ish (primarily because it is Java and cross-platform), the application is the absolutely best and most efficient tagger I have used. You can configure it, point it at your music library, and watch as it uses the acoustic fingerprinting and database lookups to automatically fix your tags, get artwork, and organise your collection. Author is constantly improving it too, and directly takes feedback from users.