Jaksta Music Miner for Mac

Version: 1.2.3 || Release Date: 2013-11-21 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd | App Owner: jaksta

Capture & Tag MP3s from Popular Audio & Video Sites Automatically on your Mac

Jaksta Music Miner for Mac captures and tags MP3s from popular audio and video web sites (like Pandora and YouTube), automatically. Just open Jaksta Music Miner and click the "on" button. Then go out on the web and play a song or video. Jaksta Music Miner will download the audio, often up to 10x faster than real time. Adding the audio to iTunes happens with the click of one button. Jaksta will automatically convert the audio file to the iTunes format for you. Jaksta Music Miner supports sits like Grooveshark, Last.FM, YouTube, Jango and many more audio sites. As long as the site doesn't encrypt their audio stream Jaksta will be able to capture the audio.

Jaksta Music Miner is great for discovering new music or enjoying yourmusic offline.

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