Jer's Novel Writer

Version: 1.1.12 || Release Date: 2010-10-07 || License: Shareware (30$) App Owner: cheepnisaroma

A word processor with outline capabilities. A relatively simple word processor with extra features to support large creative writing projects. Features:
Margin Notes.
Automatic Outline
Full-screen mode
Separate formatting options for print and screen
It actually knows what a chapter is (or whatever organizational structure you want to use).
A panel for general notes lets you keep track of story issues and ideas (and the last time you ate).
Word count
More accurate page count estimates
Better performance than most word processors for really, really big documents.

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9 Opinions

Just what I have been looking for. Free of distracting options and features, and the most useful way to manage structure of your document I have yet tested.

Also, since it hit 1.0, it's no longer freeware.

$30 shareware -- has someone let Jer know his app on here?

Look at the tags. Is it better now?

hmmm... doesn't seem like any of them are "properly" tagged....

but I'd defieintiely add something like: "creative" "story" "fullscreen" "novel" "writing" "database" ...

So which tags should I add?

Also, description and tage should be changed to indictae this is especially well designed for novelists and othe creative professionals.

(Similar apps are Scrivener and Ulysses)

Yea, version is here!
$30 or:

"Don't think you should pay full price? Then haggle! If you send me a good haggle and we agree on a price, you will be able to enter your top-secret haggle code on the donations page, and get a discount on your license key. Haggling guidelines are here.

Or, you can just donate. Don't let me stop you. Remember, you are all that stand between me and a square job where I won't have time to work on Jer's Novel Writer."

Where have you seen a 1.0 version?

Only the beta is free of charge. Version 1.0 costs $30, so this should be classified as Shareware.