Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-02-17 || License: Shareware (10$) Developer: Optical Alchemy | App Owner: thiffany

Amazing real-time 3D Album art visualizer!
Includes ability to email app to friends. It is TINY...! It displays the front, autogenerates a back cover with song list ( which indicates which song is playing )and also the spines.
And it is VERY customizable. You can set the speed from 0 to too-fast with a single glancing blow of the mouse pointer. Also change direction and axis of rotation.
Enjoy and spread...!

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6 Opinions

Thanks, the new 2.0 version works indeed on Intel Macs and is very slick.

Works like a champ on my Intel iMac.
My absolute favorite iTunes viz plugin, BTW. Especially now that it displays lyrics. Activating this and putting it full screen beats the socks off of Front Row.

Just what I was looking for. Too bad it doesn't seem to work at all on Intel Macs.

Only now do I realize, dumbell, that you have to click the I Use This "button" to register my approval. I wonder how many people, like me, think the counter goes up if I click the I Love This button, which is NOT hidden away!

The performance of this app is incredible. And it is so small you can email it to anybody. It is hard to believe. I guess it does it all with the Mac core-whatever graphics.

The About window can be minimized to the desktop —if only it would do so with a transparent background!