Version: 2.4.30037 || Release Date: 2010-08-25 || License: Freeware Developer: TechSmith | App Owner: karbassi

Capture and share your screen as images and video.

Jing is a screen capture application that allows you to select and capture parts of your screen and save that area as a static picture or even a movie.
Then you can add arrows, text and box highlights to draw further attention to the area you want to highlight.

The thing that makes Jing unique is that it has a "share" button, which allows you to share the image or video with a friend by connecting to the free screencast.com image hosting solution. Click share, it uploads your media behind the scenes, and places the link to the screen in your clipboard. You can then email or paste that URL into your chat application for your friends to see.

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I tried to capture some gameplay in DOSBox, but it doesn't record the audio. Shame!

This has become one of the small (free!) apps that I would hate to live without.

I like Jing. It works well, and it totally saves the day when you're forced to use Windows (like I am at work) and Skitch isn't an option. Good for short little screencasts (like for bug reporting, or to quickly demonstrate something).

I looked at this and it performs well. My only problem is that it currently has a 5 min time limit so it won't work for me.

Hangs upon upload to a ftp server. Might be due to a faulty address, but Jing's behavior is pretty strange, as it gets completely stalled and I'm not able to cancel the transfer or anything. Waited 20 minutes, then quit the thing...

As for the program itself, it shows great potential. One thing missing, will be to paint on the screenshots. I don't know if it's features yet, but the possibility to send an audio file through the same upload mechanism as the screenshots/screencasts, would be great too.

It's a very cool app. Basic but good. Saves in .swf and puts your screencast on your desktop when hitting the share button! The audio quality is very good.

Easy to Share, easy to use, movies in swf. You can upload on screencast, or any ftp.

Tried it a while ago, and really liked the overall idea. Free screencast app? Holy cow! It even does it decently.
Only downside I've run across is that it's a bit of a resource hog, and doesn't capture frames very quickly. But, that aside, it's free, and it works quite well. Absolutely ideal for those problem-solving sessions where the solution is hard to describe (or for troubleshooting computers without actually being there).

To refine 5gen's comment, there's an option to save screencasts, it's not just a create-and-upload tool.

Pretty cool, works just fine. The only bad thing is that the uploaded videos go to the screencast website which is not free

Interesting...sort of reminds me of Skitch but it seems to do so much more. I wonder if this uses InputManagers or a similar technology to do what it does.

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