Version: 2.4.2 || Release Date: 2011-07-01 || License: Shareware ($5.99) App Owner: coletti_robert

Jitouch adds multi-touch gestures to your mac to make many things easier

Introducing jitouch
jitouch is a software that adds extra, essential, and the missing gestures to your MacBook Multi-Touch Trackpad and the new Apple Magic Mouse.
The additional gestures in jitouch are thoughtfully designed and tested to let you perform simple tasks even more easily and using only one hand such as moving / resizing windows, zooming, minimizing, closing windows, quitting applications, changing spaces.
We also invented an easiest way to open link in new tab, close tab, refresh page, change tabs, and more based on user behavior in today's modern tabbed-browsers.

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3 Opinions

Wonderful app! You can switch, close and open new tabs with ease. You can even reopen closed tabs!

A touchpad upgrade well worth trying, and well worth buying if you love it. Cheap as hell.

preference pane says 1.0 when I have 2.02 installed. This is the same with DivX and MacFUSE

Now that I have tried it, I cannot live without it!