Version: 2.5.5 || Release Date: 2008-07-20 || License: Shareware ($34.95) Developer: Philip Dow | App Owner: neilgorman

Notebook and entry based information manager.

Journler is a notebook and entry based information manager. It is simple, it is elegant, it is powerful. Journler is designed to unite text and media in creative endeavor. It offers a place to store your thoughts and ideas while connecting them with media of any kind.

Journler’s inline media viewer supports audio-video, images, PDFs, WebArchives, websites, email and Address Book contacts. When you’re ready to organize, Journler does entries by date and folder as well tiered folders and smart families with auto-tagging. Journler includes lightning search and on the fly filtering of your entries. There is Spotlight and AppleScript support as well as Mail, iWeb, iPod, and blogging integration. The new Drop Box and JPanel make it easy to get stuff in, while the Lexicon helps you find the relationships between your data.

Chronicle. Organize. Find. Connect. Journaling is just the beginning.

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You're right. Journler is donationware.
Nevertheless, the aplication has no limitations and does not need a licence number to fully work.
Please excuse my mistake.

@el_cravito and everyone else: Please note that Journler is not freeware, it's donationware, as of v1.1.5 or something. It is true, though, that it offers a much greater value than many of its competitors; and it keeps getting better so quickly!

[Edit] I can't get the Textile parser to work properly. The link is supposed to be to the fourth post in that thread.

I've added a few of them, thanks for the suggestions :) I plan to write an interface for suggesting tags Real Soon Now. :)

I wish the admin of this app, whomever that might be, would update the tags. Journler does a lot more than just journal and blog. In fact it does everything Yojimob, KIT, etc. do and much, much more. I suggest: productivity, organize, notes, bookmarks, web archives, pdf, etc.

New icon and new (nicer) interface. The same (great) functionality.
Excellent work!
I can't belive this is free...
(Others charge much more for much less.)

I've been searching for an app to type out my school notes for a long time, and keep trying different ones. (Yojimbo, Macjournal etc.) but I keep coming back to Journler.

It seems to have the most useful features and is very nice to use.

The more I use this, the more I love and use it everyday. It's rapidly replacing Yojimbo! The only thing missing, that would allow me to move completely to Journler is encryption for journal entries; e.g., passwords.

I'm using the beta but it's been as solid as a rock (not one crash).

Try this app out if you're looking for a Yojimbo/KIT type program (I have and use both, BTW). It's quite a bit cheaper than Yojimbo and can do a lot more than both it and KIT.

Right now you're probably saying to yourself "quite a bit cheaper? What's this guy talking about, it's Freeware". Actually, for personal use, it's author, Philip Dow calls it Donation-ware and just asks that you donate what you can afford. If you can afford it, donate something. If not as Philip says "don't let it bite at your conscience. Finances aren't usually enjoyable, and I understand if you aren't in a position to donate." What a guy!

I ponied up $20 which I thought was reasonable based on the fact that for non-personal, commercial use, Philip asks for $25. That's half ($20) what Bare Bones charges for Yojimbo. Not that Yojimbo is a bad app. I actually like it. I just wish I'd found Journler before I plunked down the cash for Yojimbo. Oh and lest ye think that I donated out of the goodness of my heart, I actually just really want Philip Dow to be able to make money developing Journlr. It's purely a selfish act on my part. ;-) Its such a great app that I'd hate for him stop developing it because he can't make money off it.

Very nice, but a little crash prone. Also, it has problem displaying and importing web arcvhives.

I love it! Used to use word as a journal, but this is amazing!

A fantastic app. I came across this when considering working Yojimbo into my budget and workflow. Although it doesn't have all of the features of some of the commercial products out there, I find it does absolutely everything I actually /need/ an application like this to do quite elegantly.

Highly recommended.

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