Version: 2.5.5 || Release Date: 2008-07-20 || License: Shareware ($34.95) Developer: Philip Dow | App Owner: neilgorman

Notebook and entry based information manager.

Journler is a notebook and entry based information manager. It is simple, it is elegant, it is powerful. Journler is designed to unite text and media in creative endeavor. It offers a place to store your thoughts and ideas while connecting them with media of any kind.

Journler’s inline media viewer supports audio-video, images, PDFs, WebArchives, websites, email and Address Book contacts. When you’re ready to organize, Journler does entries by date and folder as well tiered folders and smart families with auto-tagging. Journler includes lightning search and on the fly filtering of your entries. There is Spotlight and AppleScript support as well as Mail, iWeb, iPod, and blogging integration. The new Drop Box and JPanel make it easy to get stuff in, while the Lexicon helps you find the relationships between your data.

Chronicle. Organize. Find. Connect. Journaling is just the beginning.

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This app is so nice to use it made me start my blog back up (for better or worse...)

This app is actually quite powerful and allows you to integrate many types of media into your notebook - including images, music, vids, and PDF files. I use this app to keep track of my lab work and post occasional blog entries.

I was stunned when I wanted to copy a portion of an Excel sheet into my lab notebook. I expected Journler to just display tab separated text. Instead, it actually showed the spread sheet cells I copied complete with formatting!

Although Journler lets you post to different blogging sites, it doesn't transfer the title of your blog when posting to Let's hope the developer tweaks this.

I made a donation, as this app has become indispensible for me.

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