Version: 2.5.5 || Release Date: 2008-07-20 || License: Shareware ($34.95) Developer: Philip Dow | App Owner: neilgorman

Notebook and entry based information manager.

Journler is a notebook and entry based information manager. It is simple, it is elegant, it is powerful. Journler is designed to unite text and media in creative endeavor. It offers a place to store your thoughts and ideas while connecting them with media of any kind.

Journler’s inline media viewer supports audio-video, images, PDFs, WebArchives, websites, email and Address Book contacts. When you’re ready to organize, Journler does entries by date and folder as well tiered folders and smart families with auto-tagging. Journler includes lightning search and on the fly filtering of your entries. There is Spotlight and AppleScript support as well as Mail, iWeb, iPod, and blogging integration. The new Drop Box and JPanel make it easy to get stuff in, while the Lexicon helps you find the relationships between your data.

Chronicle. Organize. Find. Connect. Journaling is just the beginning.

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This app is now freeware. The 4th beta for Lion is released.

Journler development has ended, if you are looking for a replacement Together is probably the one app which comes closest

I just started using this app a month ago (in July 2010) and I think it is by far the best journaling app for Mac OS X. It was obviously built by a person who understands how creative people work; it allows for very flexible integration of journaling and project management functionality. The nested smart folders are great! If it could automagically create new folders when you create new tags or categories (like BibDesk does, for example), it would be perfect.

If you agree that Journler is the best tool of its kind and if you would like to see its development continued, mark this post as "useful"; maybe we could start a "resurrect Journler" campaign.

Currently, over 1200 people claim to use Journler. Only 460 people claim to use Word. That tells you something.

Here's a tip for Journler users: download BSP and add Journler entries to it by clicking on + and choosing a .jobj file from the Journler folder in your Documents folder. Now, whenever you use Spotlight, your Journler entries will appear in a separate group in the search results. You can also create Saved Searches (a.k.a. Smart Folders) in the Finder to search only your Journler entries.

Correction: current version is 2.5.5 not 2.5.50

It's really heard to read this on the official website: »09.23.09: Journler development has ended, Sprouted shutting down« because i bought this very cool app and get no upgrade again. So i searching for alternatives, but I don't found sth. especially with the option to import the data from Journler. WTF!

I love this app and use it almost every day as project manager.
Unfortunatly it looks like the developpement of it has been abandoned.
"Together" could replace it but doesn't have half of the features I like in Journler (and is not free).

I love Journler and am disappointed to see that development on it (and it's spinoff, Lex) seem to have completely stopped.

The program is stable and I would highly recommend it, just don't expect anything in the way of updates any time soon.

Works wonderfully. But I am eagerly awaiting Journler's spin-off called "Lex", because I really want to manage projects with it most of the time.

I just found this yesterday and spent half the day "moving in." It ends my search for an app that would turn my laptop into a portable GTD-oriented office. Now I'm trying to think of something I can give Yojimbo to do.

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