Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2007-06-10 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Ryan Dunphey | App Owner: htmlzengarden

When Wolfgang Bartelme and the Prototype crew first launched their OSX widget, we jQuery folk tried not to covet. Try as we might though (truth be told) we wanted one too!

Fast forward a few weeks later: I'm on a plane heading to our headquarters in Menlo Park. Eclipse (and a bunch of other technologies) are serving me our app via localhost--nice! ...that is, until I needed to reference those pesky $.ajax parameters!

With that in mind, and the remainder of the flight, I threw together a jQuery reference widget. It's been of value to us front-end developers at Medallia, and now we're returning some love to the jQuery community with this public release.

The widget provides simple, searchable, offline access to the API. More, we've provided the ability to search older APIs, as well as a few quick-links to online resources.

Per Resig's suggestion (and thanks John for all your help), we're releasing this with an MIT license and have made it available under version control.

We hope you find it of value!

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