Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2008-10-29 || License: Shareware ($35) Developer: KavaSoft | App Owner: simonandmartina

Organizes, sorts, searches, and fills in information about your movie collection

KavaMovies lets you organize the movies you've seen, the movies you want to see, and the movies in your collection. It connects to the internet and downloads tons of information about each of your movies in realtime.

Imgagine making a list of all the movies you've ever seen? You'd be surprised how easy it is with KavaMovies. Click a movie to see who's in it. Click an actor to see what they've been in. Directors, genres, keywords, languages, years… everything is connected!

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2 Opinions

It seems like it's more or less an interface for IMDB and therefore pretty overpriced in my opinion. When I tried it, it crashed every 10 minutes or so, which is very annoying especially when you just imported quite a lot of movies manually, and you have to do it all again as the data was lost (even with autosave enabled). Needs more work I think. Oh, and the version now is 1.2.1.

With the coupon code MOVIEFAN, the price will be $25