Version: 4.4.5 || Release Date: 2010-10-22 || License: GPL Developer: The KDE Project | App Owner: kamikazow

Free Software KDE apps for the Mac

KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations and the 4th major release version is also being developed native for Mac OS X.

The main focus of this Mac port is NOT to give you a new desktop, but to open up lots of cool KDE applications to Mac users. Among these applications are: KOffice (including the powerful Krita image editing app), Konqueror (web browser and file viewer),...

This is a beta-quality version of KDE 4. It is a 3GB download for BitTorrent clients. It includes everything -- even KOffice.
Read the website (click on the icon on the left) for instructions.

This version is in no way optimized. A full installation takes about 10GB!
To cut down round about 4GB, do the following:
Enter sudo rm -rf /opt/qt/demos;sudo rm -rf /opt/qt/examples in the Terminal.
Then use Monolingual to remove unneeded architectures from /opt (PowerPC, if you got an Intel CPU. Intel, if you have a PowerPC CPU).

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10 Opinions

FYI, the current build is broken because of some Qt issues.

On the bright side, Qt is split up into two packages so you don't need to install the demos and extras. ;)

I'm working on another build to hopefully fix the runtime issues, but for now, I would recommend skipping this build, only the simplest of apps will run properly.

yes but in a full installation there is Koffice (1,5 GB), AmaroK, Konqueror etc... maybe you don't need all this!

I might need to try out this distro, as I'm trying to build kdelibs from source, and finding out I don't have Qt, among other things--its just a headache. I don't want all the extras though, I just want to try out Amarok. Therefore, I don't want to eat up even 4 gigs of space. I'd love to do without X11 though--that bitch is uuugglllyyyy.

This comes in VERY handy. For instance, if you're working with graphics, and bitmap oriented such, and want a simple pixel editor, there ain't no one on Mac that is actually working properly. Pixen comes very, very, close, but unfortunately it's too unstable to use.

So, with KDE for Mac, a whole new plaethora of new graphic applications opens up. And, not that I've tried it yet, but I'm sure that I'll find something satisfactory to my needs, i.e. pixel art.

ah.... and Amarok!

yes... think Koctave, or Koffice... you can run this software without X11!! It was great if we could have also GTK on Mac (Gimp without X11...)

Okay... but why? Are there apps on OSX that we need to run and that require KDE? This seems more like a "doing it 'cause we can" kinda thing.

KDE for Mac OS X?! A new desktop environment?! With no X11?

This is KDE for Mac OS X (native, no X11). If you clicked the website link, you knew that.

umm...wrong OS maybe? or does anyone run KDE in Mac OS X?