KDX Client

No version information || License: Shareware ($30) Developer: Haxial | App Owner: p_enut

KDX is a powerful multi-OS "BBS"-style (Bulletin Board System) encrypted internet communications system that provides voice chat (Internet Telephone), text chat, messaging, news, file and folder transfer, remote access, trackers and more. It uses strong encryption to protect your communications for security and privacy. It is very useful for groups that need to collaborate on a project via the Internet. It is also very useful for remote administration of a computer. KDX uses a client/server architecture (NOT peer-to-peer).

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Haxial Software

Unfortunately, the Haxial Software company is unable to continue operation, and has suspended itself.

The software is no longer being distributed or sold, and technical support is no longer provided.

Haxial Software is willing to consider transferring majority ownership of the company/software to a suitable new developer. If you are interested and think you are suitable, please send details of your software development skills and experience to the following email address. Persons having no experience whatsoever in writing software for MS Windows should not apply.