Version: 0.4.3 || Release Date: 2010-03-07 || License: Freeware App Owner: radnor

KeePassX saves many different information e.g. user names, passwords, urls, attachemts and comments in one single database, encrypted either with AES (alias Rijndael) or Twofish encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key

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There's been a new unofficial version released, which contains autotype support for Mac OS X.

Have a look at the official forums:

Amazing how few people use this tool…

Amazing how few people use this tool…

It's not pretty put cross plattform, stable and open source. You've got to be sure whom you trust all your passwords. I guess implementing an encryption algorithm securely isn't really the easiest of all tasks.

Truly superb bit of cross platform software! Run it on my MBP and my XP box. Could import my existing XP-only Oubliette database to get things started. Share the database between the machines so I've got a nice single secure copy of all my (many) passwords.

Excellent cross platform password management application, works on OSX, Linux, BSD and Windows

Works very well with a dropbox-account. Same software, same passwords available on all my computers, regardless of the OS (in my case Windows, OS X and Ubuntu). Works flawless so far.