Keychain Access

Version: 3.3.2 || Release Date: 2007-03-12 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple | App Owner: marcus

The Keychain stores all your information to use encrypted disk images and to log onto file servers, FTP servers and Web servers. Mac OS X automatically adds your .Mac account information to your Keychain. When you log in to Mac OS X, the system opens your Keychain. You don't have to enter your user name and passwords to access this data. You can set Mac OS X to lock your Keychain when the system sleeps or is inactive for a time. The system will ask you for your password the next time you try to access secure data. Other users on the system cannot access your Keychain or its data.

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3 Opinions

this gives me peace of mind. all in one place.

Keychain Access gets daily use from me. If you want to save your passwords or even just secure notes it's incredibly useful!

Could be more well integrated with the rest of the OS instead of having to open it every time.

It should be noted that the default keychain can be something besides your login keychain with a separate password from your login. This is the more secure way to store your passwords since your account password can be changed by anyone with OS X installation discs. Of course, you'll have to manually unlock your keychain when you want to access it but you can feel more secure if your laptop is ever stolen.

If you find typing in your keychain password everytime you want to connect to a wireless network or access some relatively unimportant website cumbersome, you can just save those passwords to the login keychain and keep your sensitive passwords in your default keychain.