Version: 1.2.2 || Release Date: 2008-04-07 || License: Shareware ($5) Developer: Sustainable Softworks | App Owner: bitnix

Keyclick is a Mac OS X preference pane that provides subtle audio feedback for each keystroke the system recognizes. Years ago keyboards were made with premium key switches that provided a resounding click when a key snapped over. Today most keyboards are made using rubber domes which can provide a similar force displacement or tactile feel, but not the sound. Human factors work on video terminals in the 1980s showed that the perception of keyboard crispness is correlated with audio feedback. Keyclick provides that feedback while improving on the original.

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The latest general release is version 1.2.3 and the latest candidate is version 1.3c1

@rjbs : I was able to get a support response almost immediately. Not sure what the issue was.

MacBook's keyboard is very quiet and I find I touch-type faster and more confidently with some small feedback sound.

Interesting idea, but it's not that funny...

It just Didn't Work. It wouldn't stay turned "on" when I left and went back to system prefs. I tried to find support options at their site, but it seems like support was only available for their other products. Oh well.

I'd argue it's even worth 500¢ (the going rate).

I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I saw your KeyClick download page... I thought to myself "who in the world would want this?", but then I went ahead and tried it anyway and this is so useful! It's especially useful when your computer suddenly slows down, and on high latency SSH connections it's worth all 250¢ and then some ;-)

Ryan Erwin