Keymote Receiver

Version: 1.0.5 || Release Date: 2009-09-17 || License: Freeware App Owner: stealth82

Keymote controls your Mac from your iPhone or iPod Touch using shortcuts.

Even Shorter Shortcuts
Tired of keyboard shortcuts? Is Command+Shift+Option+J really more efficient than tapping a single button? With Keymote, you'll never have to remember another shortcut again! Keymote creates single buttons out of complicated shortcuts and groups them by application, speeding up your productivity and boosting your workflow.

Make a Remote for Anything
Keymote acts as a universal remote for your Mac. Easily control Front Row from across the room, refresh your Twitter stream wirelessly, or play a song from iTunes without even touching your computer, the possibilities are endless. More remotes are added every day for you to download for free. You can even create custom remotes for the applications you use most.

Gorgeous, user-friendly interface that matches the current Apple hardware.
Make remotes for any application under any WiFi network.
Easily organize sets of keystrokes (keysets) and find the ones you use most.
Includes option for using black and white keys, key sounds, and more.
Built-in Shortcut Editor allows you to easily create a Keyset for your favorite Application.
Built-in Keymote Store allows you to download free Keysets for the applications you use most.
Share Keysets you create with the Keymote Store for other users to enjoy.

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