Version: 6.2 || Release Date: 2014-04-03 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: Apple Computer, Inc. | App Owner: ghutchis

Apple's presentation program. Easy to use, generating drop-dead beautiful presentations of all sorts, from photography portfolios, kiosks, to scientific or business job interviews.

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Kicks powerpoint's sorry butt. /

Hands down, the best presentation software anywhere. I have Windows users who grovel for my Keynote effects, yet when I send them PowerPoint versions of my files, they are not as "pretty" (tsk tsk).

Simply the best presentation software on any platform. I <3 Keynote too.

i heart keynote. it renders presentations infintely better than ppt -- it looks beautiful and is customizable if you choose to do the work on it. a great apple presentation app.

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