Version: 6.2 || Release Date: 2014-04-03 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: Apple Computer, Inc. | App Owner: ghutchis

Apple's presentation program. Easy to use, generating drop-dead beautiful presentations of all sorts, from photography portfolios, kiosks, to scientific or business job interviews.

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I LOVE Keynote. So much smoother to work with than Powerpoint!

Please, the correct tag would have to be “iwork” instead of “iworks"… sorry by the annoyances…

When I used PowerPoint, putting presentations together for classes was a dreaded chore - now with Keynote, it's, well, kinda fun... :/

Admin, or someone please tag this with iwork; otherwise it's a beautiful app.

It's a great powerpoint! Powerpoint is optimized for Windows. However Keynote is made by Apple and its only for mac, and its really fast to open and run on Intel Core Duo machines. This is such a great program, that I like to use, even though I never present my presentations in front of people. Great Charts, Great Slide designs, great transitions and build effects. A MUST! Keynote: +10 Powerpoint: -10.

No question Keynote is better. Although, Keynote does require a better understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design than Powerpoint. Also, Powerpoint menus work better on laptop size monitors. My biggest gripe is the font menu, which always seem to get in the way... why couldn't they have integrated into the inspector?

But as much as I like the program, it isn't viable in a Windows based corporate environment. Usually Powerpoint decks get written collaboratively, so the compatability features are nice in Keynote, but not particualrly useful when you've got a deck passing through many hands as you near deadline. I should mention that I work in corporate strategy, where we produce tons of Powerpoint... at least I can use a Mac :-)

Beats powerpoint in EVERY way possible. I've hated PPT from the moment I laid eyes/hands/cursor on it. This just flows together like nothing else.
No comparison. This is awesome.

Presenter View is 100% better than powerpoint in that you can easily read the next slide as well as the current slide, even on my 12 inch iBook, as well as being able to choose a slide by typing in the number and pressing enter, or just hitting any number and scrolling sideways

its really easy to use and makes nice presentations. I will never use powerpoint again =)

There's just no comparing this to PowerPoint. It's just so many orders of magnitude better.

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