Keynote Quartet

Version: FX'09 || Release Date: 2007-09-19 || License: Shareware ($99) Developer: Jumsoft | App Owner: konfucijus

How does one make a presentation that grabs attention and sticks in the mind? There are many guidelines available to help you succeed. One point is highlighted everywhere – use as many appropriate illustrations as possible but don’t overload your presentation. For those who need help preparing attractive and winsome presentations, Jumsoft has prepared a great solution, Keynote Quartet FX ‘09. It offers you the most attractive and popular presentation-making tools that will help you capture your audience.

Our Keynote products have never lacked acclaim, and the Keynote Quartet FX ‘09 package includes those that are the most beloved by our customers – Keynote Animations FX 6.0, Keynote Themes FX 4.0, Keynote Backgrounds FX 3.0, and Keynote Objects FX 3.0. Briefly, the upgraded Keynote Quartet FX ‘09 contains 110 new and high-quality, easy-to-use tools: 50 objects, 25 animations, 10 motion backgrounds, and 5 motion themes. Moreover, we decided to add Keynote Themes 8.0 as a bonus for customers who order the product. Don’t hesitate! Avoid the boring presentations and amaze everyone with your creatively prepared speech or lecture!

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2 Opinions

@ primalmaster:
You say it costs more than Keynote itself...
Well... It costs more than iWork '08 itself!
(iWork '08 includes Keynote, Pages and Numbers.)

wth this costs more than keynote itself!