Keynote Themes FX

Version: 5.0 || Release Date: 2009-11-23 || License: Shareware ($39) Developer: Jumsoft | App Owner: konfucijus

The Keynote Themes FX 5.0 bundle is designed for your exclusive presentations by a supreme team of professional designers. Share your ideas, proposals, contracts, and solutions; decorate them with matching motion backgrounds, fonts, frames, and bullet styles to make the best of your competitive advantage and to carve your path to the best results. You don’t need to worry that the live themes with motion backgrounds may draw your audience’s attention away from your message. In fact, the contrary is true: the motion themes are styled to lend your presentation a winsome mood.

The Keynote Themes FX 5.0 package includes fifteen motion themes: five are new and innovative (Air Blobs, Crystal Clear, DNA Chain, Glass Beads, and Neuro Threads), and the reminaing ten are the familiar designs from the previous version. Each of the new themes consists of 14 masters, which allow you to choose the most favorable layout for your ideas and illustrations in each slide.

You don’t need to study a tutorial or learn how to use the motion themes. Your previous practical knowledge in preparing Keynote slides gives you all the details you need to know. The steps you already use–editing and formatting text, choosing shades, placing images, etc.–are totally sufficient for creating an unconventional presentation. Besides, after you download the package and follow several steps for installation, the themes will automatically appear in the Themes Chooser of Keynote.

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