Version: 1.1.2 || Release Date: 2012-05-22 || License: Freeware Developer: Belkadan Software | App Owner: jediknil

Adds custom keyword searches to Safari.

Keystone adds custom keyword searches to Safari. Type simple queries such as "wiki Mac OS X" directly into the address bar, and Keystone will translate them into searches in this case, opening the Mac OS X page on Wikipedia.

Keystone uses Safari's own completion system, which means you can see all possible searches as you type your query. It also includes autodiscovery, allowing you to turn any search field into a Keystone shortcut.

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Just installed it and so far it's working great - not sure what keywurl offers that makes it "superior," other than a chronic lack of updates and the opportunity for an unsupported workaround.

Also, I sent in a bug report about shortcuts (which keywurl also had, because it's a problem with the way google coded their maps page), and the developer of Keystone wrote back within a few minutes, noting that he's logging the bug to work on, and gave me a shortcut to manually enter into Keystone preferences for the maps shortcut. With that one-time workaround for google's coding problem, my Keystone shortcut works perfectly.

Props to Belkadan for finally getting me out of Firefox! (I can't live without keyword shortcuts...)

Sorry to hear you didn't like it, lostinmysphere. Keywurl and Keystone have different priorities and design decisions, which is what led me to keep developing Keystone once I found out about Keywurl. (For example, Keystone doesn't support multiple placeholders, while Keywurl doesn't show you completions as you type them.)

Competition and choice is usually a good thing, even between two free apps. I'm glad Keywurl exists, but (of course, as its developer) I still prefer Keystone.

Pretty much a rip off of the superior Keywurl plugin:

A safari 5 fix is available here: