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Found a link to a 64-bit unofficial build. It works perfectly except you can't view the "Add a keyword for this search" item in the context menu.


Direct: http://bit.ly/35boOT

just waiting for snow leopard version :D

finally a plugin that brings a feature of the Konqueror under Linux to Safari. Thanx a lot for this great plugin!

I love this. I was using Sogudi before. This is even better, more to the point. Brilliant plugin which I can't live without since I do most of my surfing with Safari these days and just use Mozilla Firefox now and then.

Agreed, this plugin is absolutely brilliant.

This combined with Inquisitor has made Safari my favourite browser

I'm surprised this plugin has just 25 users.
It gives adds a function to Safari that I missed for a long time. With keywurl you can just type a keyword and a search term into your address bar, and you'll be redirected to the site you want to search. E.g. I can type "wiki safari" and I will be redirected to the wikipedia article.
In my opinion this is the easiest and most efficient way to use search engines. Especially since Safari by default supports just a google search and no other search engines.

I love this app!

This is a great little plugin.. Now Safari 3 can be hooked up to <a href="http://queri.ac">queri.ac</a>!