Version: 0.3.3 || Release Date: 2011-02-07 || License: GPL App Owner: akurtz

KisMAC is a free, open source network stumbler that operates in passive mode, allowing the program to run completely invisibly without sending any probe requests (unlike active scanners).

In addition to standard stumbler logging and graphing features, KisMAC reveals cloaked SSIDs and can perform deauthentication, packet injection, and several other attacks against WEP/WPA encrypted packets. GPS mapping is also included.

KisMAC is the only stumbler to support Apple's Airport Extreme card in passive mode. It is also compatible with original Airport cards and several third party cards (see website).

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Glad to see they're still working on this. It used to crash constantly on my MBP but after trying out the the latest version (R228) for a few days it has been extremely solid and works well.

This is a useful utility for wardriving/stumbling/whatever they call it these days.

Beware. This can f@#$ up your Wi-Fi card. Shut off ALL internet apps before running.

I didn't know this, and panicked when I closed it for the first time and my Airport card ceased to function. A restart got my Airport back to working order, but now I can't get KisMAC to work. Oh well.

Does anybody know wheter is is universal. It doesn't run on my Intel ® Mac... strange thing!

SVN version works on second-generation (Merom) Macbooks.

Required an OSX Reinstall to get AE Passive Mode working, but the new option of enabling it permanently should remove any headaches.
If you're having trouble with the app, refer here.

I messed up my wireless card with this :(

It's a very handy tool to see all the wireless networks in an area. However, my Airport Extreme card still can't do any of that fancy packet reinjection or authentication flood stuff, even in passive mode.

Uses its own drivers to stumble. Not a bad thing, but when I first installed it my mac would not connect with its drivers and then lost my airport card. I uninstalled out of fear, but was then told that restarting my machine after installation would have helped. I look forward to a more stable release.

Fantastic utility, very useful for finding aps while travelling, especially for dicovering maximum signal. Latest dev builds are intel mac compatible. Visit the IRC chatroom with any questions, I'm a mod there.

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