Version: 0.3.3 || Release Date: 2011-02-07 || License: GPL App Owner: akurtz

KisMAC is a free, open source network stumbler that operates in passive mode, allowing the program to run completely invisibly without sending any probe requests (unlike active scanners).

In addition to standard stumbler logging and graphing features, KisMAC reveals cloaked SSIDs and can perform deauthentication, packet injection, and several other attacks against WEP/WPA encrypted packets. GPS mapping is also included.

KisMAC is the only stumbler to support Apple's Airport Extreme card in passive mode. It is also compatible with original Airport cards and several third party cards (see website).

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No PPC-Support anymore?

@bgower : airradar is not the same as kismac, kismac is not for just finding networks, it is for gaining access...

@bgower :

1. Open preferences.

2. Open the "Driver" preference pane.

3. Select "Apple Airport Extreme card, passive mode" (or the non-extreme option if that is what you have. Click "Add".

4. Close Preferences.

5. Click "Start Scan" in the main window.

6. Enter your admin password if prompted.

For most people, thats how you get 99% of the functionality you're looking for.

New website is:

Please do not update iusethis to the latest version, they specifically request that you do not

Download site seems dead, but version 0.21a r241 can be found here:

Any chance of this working for Leopard? Can't wait for it.


The new website is:

The project is not dead, by the way. While we have lost the developer that started it all, we still have the source, and are moving development outside of Germany.

This is a very cool application... there is no real competition for amazingly useful wireless stumblers. That said, tread carefully---this thing broke my wireless card completely...

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