Version: 3.2.0 || Release Date: 2014-02-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.95) Developer: YourHead Software | App Owner: isaiah

The customizable Twitter client.


Kiwi is themeable: it comes with nine themes and you can download more. Themes aren't just skin deep either; they can change not just the look of Kiwi, but also what information is shown and how Kiwi behaves.

Define rules to hide content that you'd like to skip and highlight the content you don't want to miss. Use simple searching and powerful regular expressions to see exactly the content you want.

Kiwi works great with one account and smoothly navigates through many. Kiwi comes with a mini account window that lets you keep tabs on everything all at once.

Saved Searches
Twitter isn't just about your friends anymore. With saved searches you can find out the latest news about the trending topics that are important to you.

Account Groups
Get organized, create mashups, and construct your own groups of users. Kiwi can merge many accounts into one timeline, or keep them separate, you decide.

Theme API
Want to create your own theme? It's easy. Themes are built using simple HTML and CSS that's easy to read. And since Kiwi uses WebKit, you can use all of the latest technologies like CSS 3 and transition animations.

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