Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2007-06-14 || License: Freeware Developer: dirtymouse | App Owner: tuelle

KnockoutDock is a simple Applescript & shell script combo, designed to make the Dock as un-obtrusive as possible without losing the features of Expose, Dashboard, Application switching or ScreenSaver Hot Corners.

After running this script, the dock will be virtually gone. It only reappears if you hover the mouse over the top-right corner directly under the menubar. (See screenshot).

Settings can be restored.
Does not destroy Expose, Dashboard etc. like other applications.
Disables bouncing Dock Icons.

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2 Opinions

Just tried KnockOutDock under Leopard and I couldn't get it to restore my Dock. The Dock in Tiger and Leopard work differently.

I prefer this one, works under Leopard:
With this and "Right Zoom" (free) I can finally use the entire screen for panels and the document window in CS4 applications.

best. app. ever.

ive been wanting to get rid of the dock for a long time and now i can! i love this. thank you!