Version: 0.7 || Release Date: 2007-04-18 || License: Freeware App Owner: krix

krank is a relaxing casual game with very simple gameplay and soothing background music

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Very cool game. Had no idea what was going on at first, but got the hang of it very quickly. It seems very well polished. The balls and gravity wells behave very realistically and intuitively, and the themes of each level are very well done (note the different sounds that match the theme). Nice job. Definately addicting :)

good to hear that. so i can spare myself the harsh comments in the future :-)


The latest version of SurfRabbit fixes the incompatibility with PyObjC applications.

@john8520 :
It's pretty simple. The gravity-well-things can safely hold as many balls as they have marked around them (in the beginning, it's just one at the top). Put in more, and they'll be destroyed. They are also sometimes color-coded, and they have to match the colors in that case. You can knock balls out by literally ramming them so they escape (or knocking another into the well, which might push one out).
Diamond-marked ones are a bit stranger. You have to use them to connect two diamond-marked bases, but they'll only connect to specific things (so, only one will connect to base A, and only one will connect to that one, etc, all the way to the only one connecting to base B).

I haven't gotten any farther than those, so I don't know if there are any more.

Is it bad that I have absolutely no idea how this game works?

Is there a manual or guide somewhere?

It works! Sweet. Thanks for fixing the problem :)

That said, cool game. It seems really well thought out, and very addicting :D I just wasted an entire class period without realizing it, even without the music.
Thanks! I'm not a fan of this class anyway.

hello groxx,
your problem isn't caused by my little game, but a program called SurfRabbit.
I strongly advise to delete this program from your system. It isn't worth it when it prevents other completely unrelated programs from working.
simply delete it from ~/Library/InputManagers and krank (and probably other programs as well) should run again.
yours kodi

marcus, good to know it works for you now :-)
jeby, i would like to receive the log, please send it to monsterkodi at
groxx, thanks for sending your crash log. i will analyse it now, i hope it will help me to solve the problem.
thanks to all of you for your help and patience.

You could use a paste service like nopaste

ok, the log is too long... i can't post here. Can i mail it to you?

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