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Streams music from player streams music from, based on your music profile.

The source code is available under a GPL license.

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Works great for me (as of version 1.0.6) and I find new music to check out all the time. It would be nice if it was integrated into iTunes as a plugin but it works good and looks good. I find that I run it seperate from iTunes to check out new stuff. If you're only into the AudioScrobbling feature I would probably go towards iScrobbler.

This is totally useless. Another full-blown app (in lame pale pink?) to run just to scrobble tracks? No iPod support AT ALL? Well, no thanks. iScrobbler all the way.
Jeez, it's like people still only listen to music on their Macs. Not my case. 95% of my 5500 tracks so far scrobbled from my iPod.
Nice icon though.

I just wish this app still had the ability to sit in the menu bar or background like the old AudioScrobbler app. I hate having to have this extra item in my dock that I have to remember to open when I launch iTunes. Scrobbling is ALL I use this app for. Don't give me website features in the app, just leave them on the website.

Works better for me than Amua and iScrobbler. The former had loads of network connection problems, and the floating infobox was out of sync most of the time. iScrobbler worked OK, but has more features - the information window is great when using iTunes. Not sure if it can scrobble from iPod though.

Wonderfull stuff, since I don't listen to radio this really has made my music listening colorfull.

I like the discovery mode, the only thing I don't like is that it's very conservative about the new type of music it plays. Would be fun to have a "wild card" option where you could try out the really untaggaed and untried music.

If you use website, you're welcome to come and join the iusethis group.

I used it for a while, and then discovered that 99% of the music it finds for me sucks. Dropped it like a rock.

If your client crashes on startup, download the 1.0.1 version of the app (, install it and let it do an automatic update from within the app. This should do the work.

Uhm, I take that back. The latest version crashes for me every time too. the first one worked fine tho.

Haven't crashed for me yet.

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