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Streams music from player streams music from, based on your music profile.

The source code is available under a GPL license.

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Yes, crashes-on-launch everytime. But patience, the lasteffemm guys eventually DO get around to fixing these things and... then they work great!

This program just breaks down, very buggy.

Doesn't support iPod synced tracks.
Won't scrobble tracks with certain symbols like & in the name
Sometimes hangs/crashes

This has a long way to go. Currently it comes with the obvious ugliness and broken UI you'd expect from a cross platform application, it's buggy when submittig the song iTunes currently plays, isn't particularly good at playing radio station music (why have a separate application for that anyway when iTunes will do just fine?) and is far from being a subtle background application.

It does support iPods. Just create a smart playlist that has the last 200 or so songs you have played. Make sure it is updated to your iPod as well. (you have to have automatic playlist update turned on, no manual updating anymore) Then, after every time iTunes updates your iPod, click on the pull down menu and click "Update iPod"

It sounds like a lot more work than it really is.

From my reading of their forums, this does not support iPods yet which iScrobbler did feature.

I used this for a while, and discovered several new artists, but IMHO does it better in the "similar artist" station category. No client iScrobbler-type functionality, but great streaming music and artist connections in a really slick flash app.

I downloaded Last.FM but only gave it a glance.

If you're just looking for something that logs your songs to LastFM, you might want to try Menuet. It seems to do the job quite nicely as well as doing quite a few other nifty things. There are a few little quirks that need fixing, but once those are gone I'll likely buy it.

I just installed this and while I like what it does and love the site, it seems to hog the system. The previous plugin that I assume this replaces seemed to be invisible and just do its job of logging your songs.

Is this supposed to replace iScrobbler?

This application is terrible, it doesn't feel like an osx application at all.
It crashes and its too intrusive, why would I want a dock icon there the whole time just to send my currently playing tracks to, I don't even like having the menu item there all the time for that.

They desperately need a pure iTunes plugin that only runs when iTunes does.

Oh and the new site looks horrible too.

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