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Streams music from player streams music from, based on your music profile.

The source code is available under a GPL license.

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@norz PS: this is on Mac OS 10.5 ( 1.5.4), maybe things work differently on 10.6 or 10.7.

I use alternately Spotify and to listen to music. When streaming via Airfoil to my Hi-Fi, I found that using "Soundflower" made it easier, because I could set's output to "Soundflower (2ch)" (in Preferences > Radio) and capture "Soundflower (2ch)" in Airfoil, instead of capturing directly and having to switch every time I switched between Spotify and

When done streaming with Airfoil, Soundflowerbed can be used to toggle redirection of the soundflower stream to the built-in output.

More info on the sound output issue:

For those who want to scrobble songs from Web radios, you can try this:

no auto correction / suggest on station names like on their site. Its missing a lot of features. Music can sometime go to undesired directions with no remote relation to the station set up.

I'm really impressed by how well this manages my iPod.

Thanks nils. I'll check it out.

@trolley : 1.5 is currently a beta. look at

Looks to me like 1.5 has been removed? I can't find it at least...

The new version 1.5 is much faster!

I stopped using this after I got CoverSutra, and for iPod support I use iScrobbler. The official client seemed bloated with features I don't use; no reflection on the service itself, though.

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