launch2net Premium

Version: 2.7.3 || Release Date: 2013-11-06 || License: Shareware (49,90 Euro) Developer: nova media | App Owner: fuellemann

3G connection manager. Connect to the Internet. Anytime, everywhere.

Use launch2net Premium to establish a mobile Internet connection out of the box. This modern connection manager already includes all necessary drivers and connection settings to surf the Internet with most modems and within most mobile networks around the world.

Share your connection with your iPad, iPod and other devices. With launch2net Premium, you can share your mobile Internet connection instantly with all WLAN capable devices. Our 'Mobile Hub' turns your Macintosh into a WLAN access point with just one click.

See all connection details. launch2net Premium offers a very powerful connection statistics. See which user and which SIM card was using up online time and data volume at a glance. See all roaming connections, all home network connections and precise details of every connection.

Send, receive and manage SMS text messages. launch2net Premium includes a powerful SMS text message manager. It supports multipart and multigroup messages and is linked with the address book within Mac OS X.

• Use one connection manager for multiple SIM cards and 3G modems: launch2net Premium supports the usage of most avilable modems and SIM cards from all around the world. So you will not have to use different connection managers, which might be incompatible to each other.

• Save on data roaming costs: Travel abroad and use a prepaid SIM card with your Surfstick. launch2net Premium will take care of the connection details.

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3 Opinions

For the Sony Ericsson MD300, there's a FREE version (called SE I think).


for many modems, network operators and cell phones you need hours to set it up correctly. And you still have no roaming or statistic features. So you have to compare the price to the hours it can save you, and for many customers it means they earn more money spending the saved time than paying for launch2net.

Kind Regards

Jan Fuellemann

75 EUROS!!!! That's insane!?!?

How can >ANYONE< use this?

Most of the modems are cheaper than this app!