Version: 4.0.5 || Release Date: 2013-10-08 || License: Freeware App Owner: sigmundvegheim

LaunchMagic is the FASTEST way to open applications, documents, and folders.

Completely unobtrusive — only appears when you need it
Keyboard or mouse driven — you choose
Zero setup required
Type short abbreviations called “shortcuts” to launch items
Adaptive searching intelligently learns shortcuts as you use the software
Edit shortcuts at any time (e.g. assign “zz” to launch GarageBand)
• Open documents and folders in addition to applications
• Click the icon in the menu bar to access key program features
Comprehensive Get Info shows path, version, created/modified dates, etc.

Built-in Documents List shows all documents related to an application
Automatically open a document using the selected application
Search related documents by name
View Documents List in list or icon formats
Sort the Documents List by name or last opened date
View a Quick Look preview of any document without opening it
The preview includes the full path of the document
Press the space bar to quickly see the Quick Look preview
Preview lock option

Use the Blaster to quickly launch favorite items using just the keyboard
Works like the Command-Tab application switcher built into the OS
• Change the dock being viewed directly from the Blaster

Create an unlimited number of customized docks
Populate docks with applications, documents, and folders
Quickly launch items in a dock by double-clicking
Docks also appear in the menu bar for convenient launching

Animated interface adds to “cool” factor
Set up your own keyboard shortcuts and hot corners to activate the software
Blacklist applications that you don't want to see
Specify where you want LaunchMagic to search for applications
OR specify where you don’t want LaunchMagic to search for applications
Limit application searches to the system volume
Show the selected item in the Finder
Sort items by name or last opened date
Zoom the size of icons to any size including jumbo size
Welcome window with 9 minute Getting Started video

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