Version: 1.6.2 || Release Date: 2011-07-20 || License: Commercial with demo ($14.95) Developer: wuonm | App Owner: factoryjoe

Capture your displays as a Photoshop layered image.

Don't waste time capturing each window separately, importing them in your favorite PSD editor, naming the layers, positioning the images, etc.

Do it with Layers in no time! Press the capture hotkey or customize your capture in the inspector. You'll obtain a full fledged PSD file with one layer per window, including menu and desktop icons, dock and menubar.

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2 Opinions

Love it. For screenshots, there is nothing like it. I totally agree with bumper314; Layers is simply amazing.

Simply amazing. Unbelievable price, well worth 3x or more. Give it a try if you haven't, it's truly a revolutionary idea.