Le Conjugueur

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2008-01-01 || License: Shareware (€15) Developer: Brewalan Le Dru & Mehdi Hanna | App Owner: youpi

French conjugation reference. Displays the conjugation for any infinitive.
User interface in French only.

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As a freeware it was great. As a 15€ shareware, not so much: some interface elements are misaligned, the spinner appears when it shouldn't, the modal sheet for verb suggestions isn't a good UI choice, etc. And it's way overpriced for a simple DB that anyone could rip off the Bescherelle.

omigosh. I ALWAYS use this website to help with when I need to jog my memory on a conjugation. I had NO IDEA that they had a desktop app! :D

Is there any apps like this for German and English?

@ youpi...

well done! thanks for the link :-D

The license changed from freeware to shareware with version 2.0.
The previous version, 1.0, appears to be still available on their server for now: http://www.leconjugueur.com/pgrm/mac/Le_Conjugueur_OSX_1.0.dmg