Version: 0.78 || Release Date: 2007-07-11 || License: Freeware Developer: Volker Oth | App Owner: haleakalari

Lemmini, a Java engine for the popular Lemmings game(s), is an attempt to combine the playing sensation of the original Amiga version of Lemmings with the improved graphics of the Win95 port to create the best possible Lemmings experience on all platforms that support a Java virtual machine.

Note: this is a standalone, platform independent, java application, meaning it will run on any system that has a JVM/JRE installed [which obviously includes mac os x]. since it is a native java app, it will run on your system without emulation, regardless of whether you are utilizing a power pc or an intel processor, therefore i have listed it as a universal binary in order to minimize confusion.

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no problemo, bitnix.

Ah! It works now. Thanks for the advice and help, haleakalari.

you know what? you might just have the wrong version. go here; http://tinyurl.com/36b6tt
then click on the last link at the bottom of the page.

you extracted the zip to its own proper folder in your home directory and are using the standalone jar version of lemmini, yes?

haleakalari: thanks for the hint. I'm still having an issue that I can't figure out how to solve. I downloaded a zip with the levels from 'somewhere', but I'm getting this error message in Lemmini:

"Extracting levels
Path /Users/username/path/to/Lemmini_Directory/ doesn't exist or IO error occured."

Do I need to do anything special? I've tried all kinds of variations; trying to manually create a "WINLEMM" directory and things like that, but I always get this "doesn't exist or I/O error".

check around the "abandonware" sites i found my copy on one those. you know, sites like abandonia and such. i dont know if it is a good idea for me to talk about it openly as its "abandonware" status is somewhat questionable, so i will leave it at that.

Where do I download these Windows 95 levels?

it only requires the level files and related data from the windows 95 version of lemmings, which it copies to its own directory, then it loads without a hitch. you can delete the original lemmings files when it is done copying them. furthermore, you can find lemmings for windows 95 on many sites in zip format. all i did to get it working was download a zip file containing lemmings for windows 95, then i extracted those files and ran lemmini. lemmini then asked me to locate those files and proceeded to copy the ones it needed then loaded, no errors no complications. this little java app sits comfortably in my applications folder on mac os x 10.4.9.

Requires Windows version of Lemmings, fails to run without it.