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We´ve got 16:9 Flatscreen-TVs and 16:10 Apple Cinema Displays – but we read our dissertations, manuals, books and letters on screen from top to down…

With Lesen you can read your Documents in columns - this idea is not new - but with Lesen you can edit and save your documents - and together with Schreiben and the PDFSupport Plugin you may also read your .pdf documents after resaving as text files in columns...

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Installation is not straightforward.

As far as editing, many find that editing in multiple columns is more challenging than editing in one longer column. Personal taste again comes into play.

I am working an the feature to import PDFs without PlugIn


I've just tried Lesen and compared it with Tofu.
Lesen allows you to edit the documents and has a nicer interface.
Tofu is able to open PDF files (without any plugin) and the space bar advances pages.
Well... The choice is not easy... But I still prefer Tofu. (It's just a matter of personal taste.)
Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for future versions of Lesen. Maybe those two features of Tofu will be included...

Thanks for clarifying that - I too wasn't sure what the distinction was between that and Tofu. There's another freeware vertical column-style text editor floating somewhere out there, but this arguably looks a lot better.

And what's this "PDF Support Plugin" you talk about? You're not talking about SchubertIT's PDF Web Browser Plugin (that's not Universal), are you?

with Lesen you can edit (Font, Format etc.) and save (Word, RTF and Schreiben Documents) - Tofu does not allow this

How dooes this compare with Tofu?
It seems to me that both applications do (almost) the same.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Lesen is the german word for read(ing)

I have added an english localization :-)

This looks neat, but I have no idea what it is. There's no english translation apparently, but it appears to be some sort of word processor or text editor, with intelligent columns. It would be nice if the description were a little more descriptive.