Version: 0.24b9 || Release Date: 2011-03-03 || License: Freeware App Owner: fishnchips

Great plugin for Apple mail which optimises the application for widescreen screens (eg Powerbooks, MacBook Pros and Cinema Displays).

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@wicko3 Yeah, that's why I updated this page to link to the latest version. :)

@yusf : Currently works fine for me on OS 10.6.7, with Mail 4.5.

Widemail is a slightly superior implementation of the same idea, though it's currently hampered by a severe memory leak. So I'm using Letterbox for the time being.

Breaks with latest OS X update. :(

From the description: "Powerbooks, MacBooks Pros and Cinema Displays".
And... Why not iMacs too? Haven't iMacs "widescreen screens" too?

It would be even sexier looking like this: Mail.app with drawers

Seems like the download site has gone offline or the domain expired.... I'll remove if it doesn't get fixed in the next week or so. Shame.

drfong: Run the installer again, and choose "Uninstall."

I liked it for a while but wish things would go back to how they were. Now that it is installed how do I get rid of it?

Brilliant application. Comes very recommended if you use one or more of the aforementioned hardware.