Letter Opener

Version: 3.0.9 || Release Date: 2012-09-24 || License: Shareware (EUR 19,99) App Owner: catlan

Letter Opener makes your life simpler... Do you have coworkers who use Microsoft Outlook and send you schedules or attachments? If you receive such emails, you only see an ugly winmail.dat file. Then you have to launch iCal and copy and paste the information of the schedule into iCal, or use another program to extract the attachment. Letter Opener as a Plugin for Apple Mail solves this and makes your life simpler.

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3 Opinions

I am happy with this product combined with Letter Opener, it's a great compliment to Mail.app. Support has always been spot on and quick to respond. As a switcher, and once heavy Outlook user, I find this product indispensable. Basically if you want a quality product that will help bridge the gap between the Windows Outlook world and Apple's Mail.app, this is the product for you!

TNEF's Enough does about the same and it's free.

Now updated to 3.0 with Snow Leopard compatibility!