Library Books

Version: 3.0b60 || Release Date: 2010-10-11 || License: Charityware App Owner: kelly

Library Books is an Mac OS X application that tracks the library books you have borrowed.

Library Books connects to your library catalogue and downloads the list of books you have checked out. It displays the books in your menu bar.

Library Books can automatically add entries to iCal to remind you to return your books. You can then sync your Palm handheld or mobile and be reminded while on the move.

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6 Opinions

Perfect app; does exactly what you want it do, and does it well.

If you use the library, you need this program.

Highly recommended - great for parents with kids and multiple cards to manage

simply great! and - use the beta, it seems stable and seems more comfortable.

If you want the author to add your library, mail him, he's very friendly and helpful.

I absolutely love this application! At times, I have tons of library books and don't always remember to keep track.. Library Books sit on the top of my screen and takes care of remembering for me. Such a relief.
One of the best apps I know. So cool somebody thought of it.

I love this application. My library had changed its log-on process, breaking Library Books access in the process. When I contacted the developer he updated the app very quickly to make it work again. Now I can see all the books I have out and their due dates which is proving to be invaluable during my PhD research. Currently I have 11 books on loan and LB has entered all the due dates in iCal so I never have to worry about having something overdue and therefore being caught short when trying to borrow more books. It even lets me see books I have on hold and tells me when they are ready for collection.

If your library isn't currently supported there is a good chance the developer can add it very quickly so give it a try. Don't forget to make a donation!

This is a "start it and forget about it" app. The developer is active and has made efforts to add libraries that are not listed. Fantastic little app for library patrons!