Version: 1.7 || Release Date: 2011-01-11 || License: Shareware (19.95) Developer: Outer Level | App Owner: jontrainer

LicenseKeeper stores and organizes important software license information, helping to prevent the loss of valuable software assets and making it accessible when needed most.

Automatic serial number scanning and software information detection greatly reduces cumbersome data entry. Attachments keep related email and documents safely archived along with license and registration records.

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I installed this because I wanted something that I could export my Yojimbo serial numbers to. Unfortunately it imported only about ten out of 53, so I'm not too impressed with this application considering the high price paid for it.

$19.95? Really? Too expensive.

This is the best app for keeping software information: quick data entry; supports applicationss, pref. pane items, plug-ins and widgets; attach files; multi-line serial number box (why don't others have this? Not all serials are 1 line long!).

RapidoSerial is nice, but it has a click-through advertisement that appears when you try to close it. Yuck ...

RapidoSerial ( is free and it looks like (or better than) LicenseKeeper

Re: irony and this superfluous program.

"Ironical" is an older, but still accepted form of the word "ironic". It has fallen out of use, but is commonly found in 19th century literature.

As far as whether one's purchase of a $20 program to archive easily archived information is ironic(al): it depends on how much money one has and how comfortable one is with a computer.

Way too expensive

How funny, you are teaching me how to spell. :) Thanks. I'm from Sweden and I don't have the privilege of speaking english by mothertongue.

And yes, the word ironic still applies. Check this and you'll see why:


Whether it still fits into your 'logic', to pay for something like LicenseKeeper when there is SerialKeeper for free, remains entirely yours to decide.

You may also use SerialSticker. Version 1.0 was released just today.
See this page in MacUpdate:
It has a nice interface and is free.
It's a pity that it can only store licence numbers. It would be nice if it could include other categories: passwords, e-mail accounts data, credit card numbers, etc.
Maybe in a future version...

Oh brilliant, I'll have to try this one. It's the first alternative to Licensed I've seen that doesn't use that horrid brushed steel GUI. I love Licensed, but it doesn't seem like it's being really actively developed, and this app has one key feature that I really like: the ability to attach files! Dunno if it's worth the asking price yet, but it's definitely worth a look. And it's got a wicked icon. =]

I use the free (look under similar apps) Works very well, though I'll see if this one has better UI/ more features?

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