Version: 1.7 || Release Date: 2011-01-11 || License: Shareware (19.95) Developer: Outer Level | App Owner: jontrainer

LicenseKeeper stores and organizes important software license information, helping to prevent the loss of valuable software assets and making it accessible when needed most.

Automatic serial number scanning and software information detection greatly reduces cumbersome data entry. Attachments keep related email and documents safely archived along with license and registration records.

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So it should be free just because it's made to store purchased apps?

That's some strange logic.

BTW the word is 'ironic'. And no it isn't ironic.

Maybe it's just me, but I find it a bit ironical, how one would like to spend another 20 bucks, in order to keep track of the licenses for already purchased apps.

Making a pdf of email receipts and serial numbers and placing it in a folder, together with a backup of the purchased application works just as fine here. :)

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