Version: 1.2.4 || Release Date: 2009-11-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($29) Developer: Funky Cloud/Digital Heaven Ltd | App Owner: smarti

LifeShaker revolutionizes to-do lists with its unique interface and novel approach to getting stuff done:

  • See nine goals at a glance in LifeShaker's innovative grid view
  • Shake up the grid to bring new goals into the mix
  • Create categories for your goals and give them custom colors
  • Break a goal down into steps and see only the next step in the grid
  • Marvel at the top secret code that keeps the grid view fresh
  • Prioritize your goals with our special stars
  • Drag completed goals to the tick and hear the sweet sound of success
  • Drop those pesky goals (that you're avoiding) on the Backburner but mind your's hot! ...and listen out for some nifty sound effects

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3 Opinions

Yes Gordon, the 1.0.1 update should be out in the next couple of days and will not have an installer.

This program is not very Mac-like, but here's a tip. The installer it uses isn't necessary at all. Just "view package contents" on the installer application and you can access the PDF and application contained within. Maybe in their next version they'll do the right thing and provide a drag-and-drop install.

This is actually a pretty interesting way to implement a to-do list. I'm not sure about the price right now though. I like the simple interface but I'm not sure I would use it enough to justify $29. Will work through the trial for sure though to give it a fair shot. Definitely worth a look.